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book doctoring, anyone?

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book editing expertise just when you need it

we've all been there

Yeah, it doesn't have to be hellish.

Lisa has been writing, teaching, and critiquing novels for two decades. In both the classroom and one-on-one setting, she has evaluated manuscripts in all stages of development. Whether you need big picture doctoring or line editing, Lisa can help.

Please take a look at Lisa's background, to get an idea of her experience, published work, and training.  There's a whole lot of it.

You can also see, below, what some of those with whom she's worked have to say about their experiences with Lisa.  Many of her students and clients have gone on to fulfilling writing careers.  She gets a big kick out of that.

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Please note, if you are currently enrolled with GOTHAM WRITERS WORKSHOP, or have been in the last two years, you and Lisa will be working through GOTHAM'S system and parameters.

Author Lisa Reardon at a book signing

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Book Doctoring  |  $80 per 4,000 words
(roughly 15 double-spaced pages)
Your novel has gone through a few drafts and you feel pretty confident, but you want a professional eye looking it over. Tell Lisa what you need: maybe there’s something specific on which you want her to focus, maybe there isn’t. She can help you fix that sagging tension in the middle section, tighten up your pacing, and make readers care desperately about your characters. She can also put her finger on that “something lacking” others might have mentioned but can’t define.  |  Preferred payment option is PAYPAL

Line Editing | $65 per 4,000 words
(roughly 15 double-spaced pages)
At this point you don’t anticipate major changes in the novel. You’re ready to send it to prospective agents, but it’s time to polish your baby until it shines. |  Preferred payment option is PAYPAL

Proofreading | $50 per 4,000 words
(roughly 15 double-spaced pages)
Did someone say anal? You got it!  |  Preferred payment option is PAYPAL

Happy Authors.

speed, baby, speed  . . .  down your own path

We're all on our own paths as writers. Some of us are at the beginning of our journeys, some have several novels published. Most of us know we want to get published and live the full-time writer's life as quickly as we can.  What we also know is that it can be lonely and confusing when it’s time to share our newest work, especially professionally.

How much should you pay for editing? SHOULD you pay for services like Lisa's? Truly, do what makes you comfortable and adds to your joy as a writer. Lisa's found that she learns a hell of a lot when she's had an editor’s eye on her new novel. That knowledge she takes forward into her future work.

Please do some research so you feel comfortable working with Lisa, or any other editor. Your investigation time is an investment in your future and will likely reinforce whatever decision you make.

If you do decide to take that turn down a new road, Lisa will be right there with you with her guidance, expertise, and professionalism.

Jump to the Contact Page to email Lisa about how you might work together.

lisa's clients' successes . . . that they've told us about

hey, if you've worked with lisa, let her know if one of these neat things happen for you, hmm?


Winston Churchill McNeish Writer’s Fellowship
Flash500 Novel Opening Prize
Mslexia Novel Competition | long list
Bath Novel Award | long-list
Brighthorse Prize | finalist

short stories published

NZ Author
4th Floor
The Spinoff
River River Journal
The Examined Life Journal

published in long-form

Boy of Bone: Short Story Collection | Simon Media Works
History Will Be Kind: An Anthology of Historical Fiction | Copperfield Review

The Intermarriage Handbook: A Guide for Jews and Christians | William Morrow
Demon Possession in Elizabethan England | Praeger

PHOTO CREDITS | Top of Page  . Creative Commons | Road shots . Lisa Reardon | Portrait & Hell sign . Julie Hamberg