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BETTY:  "I don’t know how I got here. I’m fifty years old and I don’t know how I got here."

COST OF LIVING   |   Three women working in a factory let 'er rip

a full-length drama  |  3 female actors

This isn't the one percent.  COST OF LIVING is about the wry and very different women who have lived real, hard lives on "the line." They're right here ready to bitch about it, and one another.  With hard-won wit and cracked hands, these fabulous ladies know how to dish it out AND how to hold themselves, each other, and their families, together.

This full-length premiered in 1990 at the Jacksonville Actors Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida -- now, sadly, defunct. The cast included Mardie Kelly as Betty, Margaret Kaler Reynolds as Alice, and Shelly Hughes as Linda.

Excerpt to come...

PHOTO CREDITS | Top of Page & Younger Auto Worker at Bottom . Sanford Myers for GM / Creative Commons  | Older Auto Worker . Alan Poizner for GM / CC