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plays  |  wendy and danny

DANNY: “Who’s a strong woman?”
WENDY: “I am!”
DANNY: “Who’s a stand-up partner?”
WENDY: “I am!”

WENDY AND DANNY   |   Hostage situation flipped on its head

a one-act  |  2 female & 1 male actors

What should have been a simple snatching of a nice old gal, turns into a nightmare -- for our kidnapping lovers.

This clever one-act play was performed at the now-gone Circle Repertory Theatre Lab in 1994 with Laurinda Barrett, Andrea Maulella, and Robert Dolan (with Ernest Berrie as the Voice), directed by Julie Hamberg.

Excerpt to come...

|    The scatter-brained old lady (Laurinda Barrett) who turns the tables on one of the kidnappers (Andrea Maulella), with a knife.

|    Robert Dolan as another of the kidnappers.

PHOTO CREDITS | Top of Page . Creative Commons | Production Photo s . Julie Hamberg